Joshua Strauss, Bassist

The person who had the most influence in guiding Joshua Strauss toward his destiny as a performer was undoubtedly his grandmother. She taught dance and ballet, and would call upon young Josh to take the male role in her recitals. He found that he quite enjoyed being on stage during his first show, at the age of five. He continued to take part in these productions well into his teens.

Josh’s father owned a great variety of vinyl albums, which Josh loved to listen to. His father also had a crew of musically talented friends. Watching the

m jam and play in local bands, Josh was provided with the initial spark of inspiration and desire to learn to make music himself. In fact, one of these friends would later sell Josh a bass which is still used heavily in Damn Decent Fellows today.

At the time, however, what Josh really wanted was a guitar. He was thirteen years old when he became a paperboy in order to raise the funds to buy one. He would arise esrly each morning to make deliveries on foot before school. The very first purchase he made was a cheap acoustic. Josh continued to invest his hard earned money in his musical passion, using it to pay for six months of classical guitar lessons.

It wasn’t long before Josh made observations leading him to take up the bass instead. He knew an abundance of aspiring guitarists, but only one other bass player. Why compete? From his perspective, it was easier to find a good guitarist and be an outstanding bassist. He already possessed exceptional timing and rhythm from his background in dance, and so he decided that playing bass could take him farther, faster.

Throughout his teens and early twenties Josh played in a string of bands. While he continued to increase his skill and develop his sound, all of these groups eventually disbanded due to circumstances beyond his control. It was also during these years that he fell in love with live shows and the festival experience—the infectious way that powerful music could bring people together, unify them, and make them dance and feel free. Josh was greatly impacted by his discovery of psychedelic rock and the jam community, and he liked the crowds every bit as much as he liked the bands.

When Joshua Strauss makes music it is his therapy, his moment of zen. As a member of Damn Decent Fellows, his music may also be therapeutic for others. Writing and performing are the best ways for him to make his voice heard. Josh is dedicated to producing massive amounts of noise, rumbling rooms, and taking your breath away with the thumping grooves of his almighty bass.

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