Renner Stevens, Guitarist

Renner Stevens fell in love with music at a very early age. His father was musically inclined, and owned a fantastic

collection of classic

and contemporary vinyl rock albums. His father was also an outstanding guitarist, who primarily played for leisure when he was able to find time. Daily, Renner enjoyed listening to the albums and his father play.

From this home-spun exposure, Renner felt an amazing connection to the music. The emotive power of sound was innate and affected him deeply and soared his imagination. He became interested in playing the alto saxophone at a young age, and then the guitar. The instrument transition was easy as there were always a few guitars lying around the house.

Using the musical knowledge gained from playing sax and some pointers from his dad, he quickly became obsessed with the six-string. He regularly spent up to seven hours on his own unlocking the mysteries of the instrument. He says, “It was as if experiencing pure euphoria from the sounds it produced.”

As he grew older, Renner’s musical tastes—and love of guitar—began to expand. What had been a steady diet of rock and metal gradually included an affinity with other genres, such as classical, reggae, jazz, progressive rock, funk, and world music. Fortunately, after many false starts and much perseverance, Renner has found the music outlet of his dreams as a member of Damn Decent Fellows. His mission is, above all, to remain true to his musical ideals—to write and perform with power, emotion, and creative integrity.

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