Damn Decent History

In June 2007, guitarist Renner Stevens was introduced to Bassist Joshua Strauss. At that time they both wanted to forge new musical projects. An impromptu jam was arranged…a jam that continues to this day.

Stevens and Strauss collaborated on several musical endeavors over the next few years with an array of talented musicians. They gained valuable experience, honed skills, and began developing unique sonic signatures. However, they both felt something was missing. The two gradually stopped working together, and each embarked on separate, new projects. The hiatus would prove to be short-lived.

Everything changed in December 2012. Stevens’ musical fortunes finally turned for the better when he made the acquaintance of the percussionist named p.a.Trick. The two became fast friends. It was evident in the first notes they played together that a golden opportunity lay before them. All they needed was a rocking, grooving, funky lead bass player, and Stevens knew just the man for the job.

A short time later, Strauss, Stevens, and Trick convened and it was offical: a new band named Damn Decent Fellows formed.

Damn Decent Fellows hail from parts unknown, in the middle of nowhere, and in the center of everywhere. The Band members champion the working class from which they were born. They are united by love and respect for many styles of music, including rock, funk, jazz, metal, jam, reggae, classical, and much more. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to creating the type of music they love. They are daring and full of energy, passion, power, integrity, intellect, and humor.